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Consequences Of A Conviction For Sexual Assault

If you have been charged with a sexual assault, you must need strong legal representation immediately to increase the chances of getting the best possible outcome for your case. Sex offenses come with collateral consequences that can completely turn your life upside down, especially if you are charged wrongly. So, make sure you hire an experienced criminal lawyer in Cornwall for getting justice.

At Langevin Lawyer, we understand how damaging the consequences of a sexual assault conviction can be and will fight to reduce your charges o even get your case dismissed.

CRIMINAL LAWYER IN CORNWALL | Instant Consequences Of Sexual Crime Conviction

Sexual assault is a crime, and most convictions result in a lengthy jail judgment, which can affect future employability and quality life. A sex offender, your family, and community reputation will suffer, and you will find yourself increasingly isolated from the rest of society. You may be imprisoned for life, so make sure you hire Cornwall criminal lawyer for your case.

CRIMINAL LAWYER IN CORNWALL | Long-Term Consequences Of A Sexual Assault Conviction

If you are finally free from jail, you will have to live with the social media shame of being a sex criminal for a long time. For instance, even minor sex offenders are sent in jail for twenty years, and dangerous offenders are classified for life. Penalties of this classification include:

  • Severe restrictions on where you live
  • Requirements to inform neighborhood residents of your sex offender status
  • The punishment of your right to bear arms
  • The necessity to report any new address to police authorities
  • The obligation to provide your Internet service provider, online screen name and email accounts to police authorities

Sex offenders may be required to contact police officers for the rest of their lives. For this reason, if you are mounting a defense, you must get a qualified lawyer to represent you.


If you are being charged with offensive exposure or public vulgarity, contact Langevin Lawyer. When you face serious criminal charges, hire an Alexandria criminal lawyer to protect your rights, analyze your case, and implement the strong defense strategy. Our attorney will defend you throughout a police investigation, ensuring you don’t accidentally convict yourself or say something the prosecution can use against you. Your lawyer will fight for the charges to be dismissed.

Our dedicated team has established relationships with local prosecutors and judges, which can help try to get justice. If prosecutors move forward with criminal charges, we will build you the most robust defense strategy possible. At Langevin Lawyer, we deliver Cornwall criminal lawyer to help you get the best possible outcome in your case, such as defending you in court or negotiating a plea bargain. 

At Langevin Lawyer, we represent individuals against all types of sex offenses. Contact us today at 613-936-0006 to set up a free, initial case consultation.


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