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The real estate market In Cornwall boasts an array of affordable housing options, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a new home. Whether you’re in the market to buy a house, or condominium, build a custom home, or even rent an apartment, Cornwall offers a diverse range of choices to suit various preferences.

The Cornwall and District Real Estate Board’s Average Housing Prices in Cornwall (2022):

  • Bungalow: $452,786
  • Split level: $501,155
  • Two storey: $381,804
  • One and a half storey: $278,296
  • Semi-detached: $421,577
  • Condominium: $304,553
  • Townhouse: $324,222


Real Estate Lawyer Services in Cornwall

Navigating legal aspects of real estate transactions requires specialized expertise. Langevin Law’s real estate lawyers in Cornwall bring a wealth of experience to the table. Whether you’re in the midst of a property purchase, or sale, or dealing with any real estate-related legal matters, our team is dedicated to protecting your interests and ensuring a smooth process.

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