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Estate Litigation Lawyers

We at Langevin Law are aware that conflicts involving wills and estates can be difficult and strenuous. Our expert legal team is dedicated to guiding you through these trying times with compassion and effectiveness.

For our clients, we always aim to discover the best, most economical solutions. We work to find a swift and effective resolution because we recognize that estate litigation may be time-consuming and expensive.


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Our Estate Litigation Services

We can assist you with any estate litigation situation, including a challenged will, a trust dispute, or any other form. We have a great deal of expertise defending clients in estate litigation situations involving:

  • Will Challenges: If you think a will is invalid, we can help you contest its legality.
  • Trust disputes: You can work with our lawyers to settle disagreements over the administration or interpretation of trusts.
  • Dependant support claims: If a deceased loved one left you without appropriate support, we can help you get financial assistance.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims: We can assist you in holding an executor or trustee accountable if they have violated their fiduciary duties.


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