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Getting Your Dream House is Now Easy!


Even if you have already planned, buying a house may seem like a distant dream. This is simply due to the unstoppable bidding wars, an influx of buyers, and a shortage of homes!

A lot of homeowners start questioning whether they will ever be able to build their dream house? In this case, hire the best real estate lawyer Cornwall has seen. An experienced lawyer always has some tricks and tips up his sleeves. Here are some of the best advice –

  1. Be Patient

It may sound absurd but you have to be patient before going off about buying the house. The first step is to make sure that you have enough finances. A lot of people start browsing houses before they can even afford one. This leads to a lot of wastage of effort and time. So, if you want to be taken seriously by the relators, you have to make sure that the funds are ready. Also, keep in mind that a lot of sellers expect their house price to go higher than the bidding amount.

  1. Contact an Agent/Lawyer

Before you enter the bidding war, consider hiring an agent or lawyer. He may seem to increase your already high expenses; the necessity overpowers the money. When you hire a lawyer or agent, he will give you an overview of the market and advice you to do the right thing. Factors like resale value, price-per-square-foot, comparison of the neighborhood, and average market days influence your decision. Also, if there is any problem along the way, the agent/lawyer can help you go through the papers. A real estate attorney will manage the FSBO (for sale by owner) transaction right from the sales negotiation to final sale.

  1. Read the Purchase Agreement

Once you have made the decision, there is a contract that has to be signed between seller and buyer. This contract will set forth the terms and agreement of the sale. A purchase agreement also sets down the ground rules for the process of the sale. When you contact your attorney and inform him about these rules, he will always offer a checklist to give you any additional information.

  1. Disclosure

Every state has its own set of disclosure forms which are mandatory for the buyer during the closing of the sale. This disclosure provides important information regarding the condition of the house and any kind of potential risks.

  1. Closing

As soon as the entire process is completed, the parties can initiate the closing. This is a process where the funds are transferred from buyer to seller. This can be handled well at the attorney’s office. A closing statement also shows the funds transferred to the inspector and attorney. Once the deed is received by the closing company, the transaction is complete. After that, keys are exchanged and you can finally enter your dream house.


Planning to buy a house? Hire a real estate attorney at Langevin Law LLP. We promise to make your purchase process smooth, quick, and effortless. We aim to serve the customers to the best of our abilities.


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