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Understanding Guardianship In Ottawa

A property guardian deals with money. They might sell a home, settle debts, or approve funding for a long-term care facility or retirement home.

If the need arises, the guardian of personal care is asked to approve any medical decisions as well as the incapable person’s placement in long-term care. Additionally, they are in charge of choosing personal support services, as well as matters of diet, housing, attire, hygiene, and safety (if necessary). Practically speaking, if you become someone’s guardian, you’ll probably also take on the roles of their carer and advocate. A guardian must not only make choices but also keep meticulous records of those decisions.


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Who Can Apply To Be A Guardian?

Almost any adult can apply to be a guardian, although someone who is not a relative likely will have to apply through the court system. And that’s fine – we can help you do that. Realistically, if you are thinking about guardianship you should have a close relationship with the incapable person and be able to demonstrate why you are trustworthy and responsible.

Applying for guardianship can be daunting but understanding the process followed by courts in Ontario can ease your journey toward becoming a legally recognized guardian with the right to act on behalf of someone else. Similarly, when it comes to resolving any disputes arising between parties involved it’s wise to understand applicable laws before taking any further steps – often times consulting a lawyer ensures that everyone is informed enough before making any decisions regarding the well-being of those under their care!

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