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Now Sign Your Will in Quarantine

In these difficult times, carrying out any kind of work is difficult. Amidst this situation, a lot of real estate lawyers in Ontario are working from a remote distance.

A lot of individuals want to ensure that their will is in order. But signing a will during social distancing is quite challenging since two independent witnesses are required for the same.

In Ontario, if you want a will as well as power of attorney to be validated, the document has to be signed by the grantor and two witnesses. Also, the grantor has to see the witnesses signing that document as proof. But in COVID-19, is that possible?

What can a law firm do in this situation? The clients do not want to stop signing wills of the real estate. This pandemic situation has started to make people more conscious about their life and real estate. So, there has to be a workable solution to help clients.

ESTATE LAWYER IN CORNWALL | Practical Options for Signing the Will

You must follow the social distancing guidelines especially if there is an involvement of a vulnerable or elderly person. Since we all know that the novel coronavirus can stay on a piece of paper for multiple hours, you have to be careful while touching a will that has been in somebody’s hand earlier.

ESTATE LAWYER IN ALEXANDRIA Here are some of the options that you can consider to sign the will during COVID-19 –

  1. Maintaining social distance and wearing gloves: One of the simplest ways for the testator to be safe is by asking two suitable witnesses to sign the will in an outside area like a garden or street. The best option is to select those witnesses who live nearby. Also, every testator and witnesses must wear disposable gloves at all times. Also, make sure that every individual is two meters apart from each other.
  2. Witness through the window: An old case law suggested that the process of will getting signed can be witnessed through the window due to a legitimate reason. This is useful for people to maintain a proper distance from each other but when the will is being passed from the testator to witness and vice versa, proper caution has to be taken.
  3. Instruct someone to sign the will on your behalf: If you, as a testator can ask somebody else to sign a will on your behalf, do it. That person can also be the witness to your will. This is a solution to the situation when the testator is elderly or vulnerable. But the problem still remains that the witness and testators have to be in each other’s presence. Even in this case, the actual testator can witness the entire process through the window.
  4. Witness the will through a video: Keeping in mind the unpredicted time, the Government has introduced legislation that allows the will to be witnessed through a video call. The witnesses will see you sign the will on the video call and you will also see them sign the will as proof. This is a temporary law to ensure that no legal work can be stopped. But it is actually a little bit more complicated. So, if you are actually planning to sign the will on a video call, seek a real estate lawyer IN Cornwall company. This way you can be sure that the entire procedure is carried out smoothly.


  • Electronic Signature: Although an electronic signature is valid for some documents, it is definitely not applicable for the will.
  • Don’t sign in front of someone who will inherit: Since family members are most likely to be the beneficiaries of a will, they should not be one of the witnesses. If so, any legacies in the favor of that witness would be void.

So, if you are actually planning to create a will in quarantine mode; Langevin Lawyers are here at your service to make the entire process smooth. It is a general practice firm that serves every region of the USA. Langevin lawyers deal in real estate, family, civil litigation, and criminal cases. Contact today to get in touch with a lawyer.


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