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When creating a parenting plan after a relationship or marriage dissolves, both parents can benefit from the assistance of an Ottawa child custody lawyer.

At Langevin Law, we can assist our client to get joint legal and physical custody. Similarly, if a parent seeks sole custody, our child custody lawyers can also help when it is in the child or children’s best interest to be placed largely with one parent over the other.

Langevin Law family lawyers can help in negotiations to determine which parent should pay, how much should be paid, and what costs each parent is responsible for paying. 


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Navigating Complexities of Child Custody Disputes

Hiring a child custody lawyer is a crucial step when navigating the complexities of custody disputes. We are experts in family law and have the knowledge to defend your parental rights and your child’s welfare.

A child custody lawyer understands the nuances of custody laws, ensuring that you are aware of your legal options and rights. We advocate for a fair custody agreement and offer helpful guidance throughout negotiations, court cases, and mediation.

Work with us to gain a skilled and compassionate advocate who will work tirelessly to secure the best possible outcome for you and your child.

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