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Managing Affairs on Your Behalf

Power of Attorney Lawyers

At Langevin Law, we recognize the value of making future plans and making sure your interests are safeguarded. Power of attorney is an official instrument that grants someone else the right to act in your place in a variety of circumstances, including managing your finances, making healthcare decisions, and selling real estate. Your needs-specific power of attorney can be drafted with the help of our knowledgeable Ottawa lawyers.


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Catering To Your Unique Circumstances

Our Power Of Attorney Services

At Langevin Law, we approach the provision of power of attorney services individually. Our Ottawa Lawyers will collaborate with you to comprehend your unique requirements and objectives before assisting you in drafting a power of attorney that satisfies those requirements. Our services consist of:

  1. Initial consultation to ascertain your requirements and objectives
  2. Power of attorney paperwork drafting and review
  3. An explanation of the document’s obligations and legal ramifications
  4. Document execution and registration
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