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Ontario’s Domestic Violence Protection Act provides victims with options. An order of protection can be obtained against an abuser, requiring them to stop communicating with you and refrain from visiting your home or place of employment, among other restrictions. A restraining order is a strong instrument for ensuring your protection and the safety of your family because disobeying the court’s directives carries serious penalties.

Still, despite their effectiveness, getting a protective order involves a complicated legal process. It can be challenging to know where to start, particularly if you are concerned for your safety and are anxious about running into a violent person. The process for obtaining a restraining order can be handled with the assistance of our Ottawa family lawyers.


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What You Need For A Restraining Order

Gather Evidence
You’ll need enough proof to persuade the judge that you require the security that a restraining order provides. Your own testimony can be used as proof, but if there is any other available information, you ought to gather it, such ast text and email messages, a list of phone calls, information regarding witnesses who observed situations of domestic violence and, any other relevant details

Prepare Required Forms
When you apply for a restraining order, you must fill out forms. You will likely need to describe the domestic abuse or threats you suffered in detail. You must specify what you want from the court in your request, such as a court order barring the abuser from contacting, speaking with, or approaching you.

File Supplemental Documents
If you have urgent fears about your safety, you can also file a motion without notice to get the court to rule on your restraining order without the abuser being present. If you are worried about your children’s safety, you can also make requests to the court about custody and visiting rights.

Restraining Order Hearing
Once the court issues an emergency order of protection, you will need to serve documentation as notice to the other party. You must be present to defend your position since he or she will have the chance to refute the accusations at a subsequent court session. Having a lawyer at your side ensures a smooth proceeding.

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