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Langevin Lawyers in Ottawa are your reliable partners for all your trust-related legal matters. We are aware of how crucial it is to safeguard your assets and make sure they are distributed properly. Our knowledgeable trust attorneys provide thorough legal counsel and services to assist you in creating and administering trusts successfully.

We offer workable solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, whether we’re establishing a trust, managing an existing one, or settling trust-related disputes. You can rely on Langevin Lawyers to handle your trust-related legal concerns with professionalism and care thanks to our knowledge of trust law and dedication to client satisfaction.


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Setting Up a Trust in Ottawa

There are many advantages to creating a trust in Ottawa, particularly with regard to tax and financial planning. Additionally, trusts can hold assets for a beneficiary or beneficiaries, ensuring lower tax rates for the beneficiaries. 

The ability to separate the control and administration of an asset from ownership is the major benefit of establishing a trust in Ottawa. A trust is also known as a contract between three people, including the settlor of the trust, the trustee, who is in charge of the trust, and the person or people who will benefit from the assets owned by the trust. In some cases, the settlor, trustee, and beneficiaries can all be the same person.

A trust is either considered a testamentary trust or an inter vivos trust. Both types of trust have different tax rules that govern them and serve different purposes. Contact us today for guidance about setting up a trust in Ottawa.

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